D7516, 7516, 25166

The sixteen year career of D7516/25166 started out on the LMR, transitioned to the WR and then came back to the LMR.


The frames for D7516 were laid down during September 1964 at Derby Works. D7516 was new to Toton (16A) on December 4th 1964 with the next seven years spent at depots associated with the Midland mainline. Transfer dates and depots were:
December 1964 to Cricklewood (14B), which became the D14 Division in January 1965 and then to the Midland Lines in September 1965.
February 1966 to the D16 Division
May 1968 to the Midland Lines
June 1968 to the D16 Division

After this lengthy spell on the LMR 7516, moved to the Western Region for just over three years, initially to assist in the withdrawal of the remaining smaller diesel hydraulics:
January 1972 to Ebbw Junction (86B, later EJ), with 7510 - 7521
Renumbered from 7516 to 25166 during April 1974.

May 1974 to Cardiff, with 25157, 25159 - 25166.

25166's last move was back to the LMR during May 1976 to Crewe depot.

After just over four years at Crewe 25166 was withdrawn on November 2nd 1980, moved to Swindon on March 3rd 1981 and was broken up during July 1981.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

(Presumed at Works for scheduled Intermediate June/July 1967)
Noted Derby Works April 1968.
Noted Derby Works late July, August & September 1979 for N1 repairs.

Pictures of D7516/25166

When Derby had a Locomotive Works the view from Platform 6 provided ample evidence of this, with many Works buildings and other items creating an interesting backdrop for any trains or light engines that used the goods lines. In this view 7516 appears to be gaining access to the lines leading to the refuelling shed on August 13th 1970. Although steam has been gone for two years the 'D' prefix is still carried by the locomotive and the telltale water stains mar the work worn two tone green livery.
Photograph courtesy Tony Sayer.

It is not often that one gets to show the activity of a locomotive over a short period of time, but the views below were believed to have been taken by the photographer whilst on holiday in North Wales. It is presumed that during this visit 25166 remained close to Llandudno Junction shed for a week of duties.

On May 31st 1979 25166 was noted heading east through Llandudno Junction at 11.43am hauling a failed diesel multiple unit.
Photograph courtesy A Forster
June 2nd 1979 at 11.51am found 25166 running light engine towards Llandudno, seen here at Deganwy.
Photograph courtesy A Forster
Three days later on June 5th 1979 at 11.30am 25166 was noted arriving at Llandudno Junction with a short freight.
Photograph courtesy A Forster

After withdrawal 25166 remained at Crewe until the first week of March 1981 when the depot arranged for the movement of 25070, 25166, 25263/293 from Crewe Diesel Depot to Swindon Works on March 3rd 1981.

The Swindon Works Open Day on June 6th 1981 provided a great variety for visitors, with many locomotives present for scrapping. Included in the category was 25166 which in this view looks relatively intact. It would not take long however for the workers to begin the first steps in dismantling the locomotive.
Two weeks after the Works Open Day 25166 has migrated to the yard area for final cutting up. In this view taken on June 23rd 1981 the locomotive is being lifted off its bogies. The end is not far away.
Photograph courtesy Brian Daniels

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