class 25 withdrawals
Class 25 Withdrawals - Part 3
from 101 to 150 (May 1981 - November 1982)

The previous fifty Class 25's had been taken out of service over a period of seven months, if that rate of withdrawal had continued unchecked the entire Class would have been gone by the end of 1983! Fortunately for the Class 25 enthusiasts and for the operation of British Rail that rate of withdrawal was not sustained and the next fifty were withdrawn between May 1981 & November 1982

Locomotives withdrawn in this period included examples from all remaining sub types and builders.

101 - 105 : May 1981 (part two)
25038 KD, 25039 LO, 25041 KD, 25107 TO, 25162 CD, 25291 CD
all withdrawn May 31st 1981

Withdrawals during the latter half of May were limited to vacuum braked examples only.

25038 is seen here possibly at Bescot, date unknown? It was always allocated to LMR depots, spending almost all of its time at depots alongside the Midland mainline or in the Birmingham area. 25038 was withdrawn on the last day of May 1981, initially stored at Crewe before moving to Derby in February 1982, ending its days there seven months later.
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson
25039 seen at Northwich on April 11th 1980, with just about a year left in service. Like 25038 this locomotive was only allocated to LMR depots during its entire career. Withdrawal would occur on the same date as sister 25038 (May 31st 1981), but 25039 would end up at Swindon Works, being quickly disposed of by December 1981.
On a misty day 5191 is seen drifting through the drizzle and is apparently sporting a new buffer. 5191 was always allocated to LMR depots. This was another May 31st 1981 withdrawal with 25041 joining 25038 & 25039 amongst the ranks of the recently retired. It ended its days at Swindon, lingering there for eighteen months until being disposed of during June 1983.
Photograph collection of Ian Hammond
A fine memory of a pair of Class 25's on the WCML with 25162 and an unidentified sister hauling twenty eight cement tankers. After seven years allocated to depots up & down the Midland mainline, it spent four years allocated to WR depots, then back to Crewe depot for the final five years. 25162 was retired on May 31st 1981, moving eventually to Swindon, ending its days there in May 1982.
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson
A work-stained D7641 at Carnforth (?), date not recorded. This is another Class 25 that appears to have run towards the end of its career for quite awhile without a classified repair. It reached Swindon in January 1982 and was disposed of by November 1982.
Photograph collection of Ian Hammond.

Movements during May included:
25305 ? - Swindon on May 5th 1981, although after some time at Swindon it would be reinstated.

106 - 107 : June 1981
25066 & 25071 CW
both withdrawn June 21st 1981

During the summer months the withdrawals eased considerably, these two Cricklewood examples were both vacuum braked. 25305 was placed into store at this time, but would later be re-instated to Bescot during August 1982 so its withdrawal is not recorded at this point.

25066 was one of the last Class 25's to receive an Intermediate repair, at Glasgow in May 1980. However a main generator flashover in December of the same year saw it taken out of service, withdrawal coming in June 1981 with eventual scrapping at Derby in January 1983. In better days 25066 is seen at Bristol on July 15th 1976. 25066 was only allocated to two regions; the LMR and the ScR. On the latter region it spent seven months allocated to Inverness during 1978/79. Photograph courtesy Peter Wilmott.
25071 at Peterborough on June 7th 1980. One of Cricklewood's long time residents it actually spent its entire career operating out of London depots (essentially Cricklewood & Willesden). After withdrawal it was stored at Crewe for six months, before being moved to Swindon and broken up there during January 1983.
Photograph courtesy J Davenport.

Movements during June included:
25065 & 25246 Kingmoor - Swindon June 25th 1981.

108 : July 1981
25272 BS

Although July was a quiet time for Class 25 withdrawals with just one vacuum braked example being taken out of service, it was a rough time for the Class 76's as the Woodhead route closed and the vast majority of the venerable Class 76's were withdrawn. This would see a long time Class 24/25 repair depot - Reddish - have no further reason for its continued existance.

25272 heads north through Crewe on July 23rd 1979. Although the tablet catcher recess has been sheeted over the locomotive still carries its number at the 'wrong' end. Throughout its career it was only allocated to five depots, all on the LMR apart from Eastfield. After withdrawal 25272 would be stored at Bescot for eight months until moved to Derby and broken up there during May 1982.
Photograph courtesy Phil Trotter

Movements during July included:
25241 Polmadie - Swindon July 6th 1981 (with 08169, 08184 & 08247??).

109 : August 1981
25088 LO

August would have been quiet except for dual braked 25088 sustaining accident damage leading to its quick withdrawal.

25088 was always allocated to LMR depots, principally those in the East Midlands and North West England. It ended its days during August 1981 after colliding with 86220 at Willesden. It eventually reached Derby and spent many years dumped at Etches Park, ending its days here at the hands of Vic Berry during February 1986. No details are available about the 25088 photograph.
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson.

110 - 112 : September 1981
25148 CW withdrawn September 7th 1981
25073 TO & 25169 CD withdrawn September 8th 1981

Three more vacuum braked machines were condemned during September, 25148 managing to sustain accident damage to ensure its early demise!

Class 25's were occasional visitors to Basingstoke over the years, in this view 25073 is parked alongside the station on August 19th 1979 presumably waiting for a northbound working. This was another Class 25 to be only allocated to LMR depots, in this case to depots in the East Midlands, the Birmingham area & London. 25073 ended its days at Swindon during August 1982.
Photograph courtesy Andy Key.
25148 strikes a fine portrait somewhere, sometime. This was another well travelled machine which was only allocated to LMR depots, from Cricklewood all the way up to Kingmoor and many inbetween. 25148 ended its days with collision damage, making a trip to Derby Works prior to being sent on to Swindon, ending its days there in May 1982.
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson.
25169 spent four years allocated to WR depots (1972 - 1976), for the rest of its career it was at LMR depots. In this view it is recieving some serious bodywork attention during a repair at Derby Works, seen here on September 1st 1979. Barely two years later, on September 8th 1981 25169 would be retired, moving to Swindon from Bescot on Christmas Eve 1981 & quickly broken up there during February 1982

113 - 118 : October 1981
25290 CD withdrawn October 4th 1981
25299 CW withdrawn October 5th 1981
25271 BS withdrawn October 11th 1981
25142 KD & 25292 CD withdrawn October 18th 1981
25246 ED withdrawn October ?? 1981

With the end of the summer timetable withdrawals picked up with six Class 25's condemned. All were vacuum braked apart from 25246, this machine actually being placed in store at Swindon. Other transfers at this time had left the Scottish Region without an allocation of Class 40's - times were a-changing.

Looks like a damp and miserable day at Carlisle on April 15th 1970 as 5292 goes about its station pilot duties. This was a well travelled machine, allocated only to LMR depots. 25142 would be retired from Kingmoor, spending only a short time stored here before making the final long move to Swindon during December 1981. After eleven months dumped at Swindon 25142 was broken up during November 1982.
Photographer not known.
A work stained 25246 strikes a nice pose at Polmadie, date unknown. It would spend time at LMR, ER & ScR depots, its longest time being spent at the ScR depots. After going into store 25246 would spend eighteen months at Swindon, but before its demise in January 1983 it provided spares to permit the reinstatement of 25305 from Swindon (as 97251 - Ethel 2).
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson.
A gloomy day at Wirksworth on November 23rd 1978 finds 25271 shunting the yard. At this time it was allocated to Bescot, which would also be its last depot. It spent three months dumped at Crewe prior to moving to Derby Works, where it would be broken up during October 1982.
a line-up at Springs Branch on August 13th 1978 including 25290 & 25298. Apart from fifteen months allocated to Sheffield area depots, this machine was always allocated to LMR depots. 25290 was stored at Tyseley during January 1981, moved on March 16th 1982 to Swindon in error instead of going to Derby, then north to Crewe three days later & eventually forwarded to Derby Works, where it would be broken up during April 1983.
Photograph courtesy Danny Preston, collection of Neil Johnson.
25292 also at Springs Branch, date unknown. 25292 had a very similar allocation history to that of 25290 above, apart from missing a move to Bescot in June 1977, instead 25292 remained at Crewe. After withdrawal it moved from Springs Branch to Swindon during December 1981, where it would languish until February 1983, when the end finally came.
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson.
25299 undergoing testing at Reddish, date unknown. 25299's last depot was Cricklewood after a varied career at many LMR depots and two in the Sheffield area. After a short time stored at Crewe 25299 was moved to Derby on February 14th 1982 and was broken up there during June 1982.
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson.

Movements during October included:
25118, 40098, 45061 & 45071 Toton - Swindon October 4th 1981.

119 : November 1981
25280 TO

Vacuum braked 25280 was the only casualty during November, elsewhere the news was in fact good, about a dozen Class 46's were being revived from their slumbers at Swindon, with 25116 & 25197 being used to assist in restarting the Class 46's.

25280 at Norwich on March 7th 1979, at this time it was allocated to Toton, which would be its last depot after a career allocated to ER & LMR depots. Following withdrawal it remained at Toton until March 1982 when it headed south to Swindon, being broken up there during July 1983.
Photograph courtesy J Davenport.

120 - 121 : December 1981
25125 TO withdrawn December 6th 1981
25156 CD withdrawn December 20th 1981

The withdrawal of two vacuum braked Class 25's during December was definately overshadowed by the withdrawal of the final examples of the ECML Class 55 Deltic fleet.

Glory days for 25125 as it assists a Class 47 somewhere on the WCML, date unknown. The allocation history for 25125 is a very short list: Nottingham Division/Toton & Trafford Park/Longsight with the locomotive ending its days at Toton, spending five months there before moving south to Swindon, where it was broken up during April 1983.
Photographer unknown.
25156 & 25235 wait time at Colwyn Bay on February 9th 1979. 25156 was only allocated to LMR & WR depots, its final allocation was almost six years spent at Crewe. After a couple of months in storage at Tyseley 25156 moved to Swindon during March 1982 and ended its days there two months later.
Photograph courtesy Larry Goddard.

Movements during December included:
25041, 25142, 40113 & 40175 Carlisle - Swindon December 8th 1981
25292, 40095, 40134 & 40178 Springs Branch - Swindon December 14th 1981
25073, 25169 & 08585 Bescot - Swindon Deember 24th 1981.

122 : January 1982
25149 KD

The extremely harsh weather during January may have had something to do with only one vacuum braked Class 25 being withdrawn. There were a large number of reallocations during this month (at least 125), particularly of ER Class 31 & 37's, how this may have affected the low number of Class 25 withdrawals during January is uncertain.

25149 was only allocated to LMR depots during its sixteen year three month career. In this view its March 20th 1982 and 25149 has been out of service for about two months. After three months at Toton 25149 moved to Swindon, lingering here for about a year before being broken up during May 1983. This would have been the Class 25 to carry the 'R' series engine had BR & Sulzer's plans come to fruition.
Photograph courtesy Phillip Moore.

Movements during January 1982 included:
25291 ? - Swindon January 26th 1982.

123 - 124 : February 1982
25081 CW, 25129 TO
both withdrawn February 7th 1982

With many locomotives in Works due to the effects of the earlier bad weather it was perhaps one reason for the withdrawal of just two vacuum braked Class 25's during February.

Happy memories of 25081 and a Class 40 parked in the sun at Springs Branch, date unknown. Apart from seven months allocated to Crewe in 1976 this locomotive was always allocated to depots along the Midland mainline. Although allocated to Cricklewood at withdrawal it ended its days dumped at Kingmoor, but quickly moved to Swindon and by July 1982 was no more.
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson.
A pair of Class 25's, led by 25129 sit out in the weeds somewhere, maybe Llandudno Jct? date unknown. This locomotive was always allocated to LMR depots, its last being Toton. 25129 would be one of those Class 25's to spend a lengthy time withdrawn, initially it went to Derby for scrapping but was eventually sent down to Swindon ending its days there in March 1985.
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson.

Movements during February 1982 included:
25148 ? - Derby sometime during February 1982.
25081 Kingmoor - Swindon February 25th 1982.

125 : March 1982
25085 KD

Three Class 25's were initially withdrawn during March, dual braked 25175 & 25184 would later be reinstated to fight another day, but for boiler fitted, vacuum braked 25085 it was the end of the line.

25085 rests at Thornaby on February 15th 1981, with all the signs that its last Works visit was handled by Glasgow. Eighteen years of service saw it allocated to depots on the LMR, ScR, WR & ER. This locomotive had the dubious honour of being the last complete locomotive to be broken up at Derby Works by BREL staff, during May 1983.
Photograph courtesy Tony Sayer.

Movements during March 1982 included:
25261 & 25272 9L69 10.00am Tyseley - Bescot (to attach 25272) - Derby, March 4th 1982.
25156 & 25290 Tyseley - Swindon March 16th 1982
25280 + one other? Toton - Swindon March 18th 1982
25290 Swindon - Derby March 19th 1982

126 - 127 : April 1982
25105 LO withdrawn April 4th 1982
25275 BS withdrawn April 18th 1982

Two more vacuum braked examples were taken out of service during April, 25170 was also withdrawn but would be reinstated during August 1982.

A wonderfully wet day finds 25275 waiting for the road, possibly at Warrington, date unknown. After five years at ER depots 25275 then headed to the WR for five years at a variety of WR depots, then to Bescot for its final five years. 25275 would spend almost three years withdrawn at Tyseley, slowly falling to bits. The end would come at Swindon during July 1985.
Photographer unknown.
Guide Bridge stabling point with 25105 on July 25th 1981. Apart from almost two years allocated to ER depots 25105 would spend the rest of its career operating from LMR depots. Like 25275 (above) withdrawn at the same time, 25105 would spend over three years out of service. Initially stored at Tyseley it quickly moved to Derby before moving on to Swindon, where it was finally broken up during December 1985.
Photograph courtesy Tony Sayer.

Movements during April 1982 included:
25129, 25149, 20068 & 20088 Toton - Swindon April 21st 1982.

128 : May 1982
25274 BS

Its May 28th 1981 and the Derbyshire Hills echo to another load of limestone leaving the county for processing elsewhere, 25274 is leading and 25308 is pushing on the rear. 25274 spent five years allocated to ER depots, followed by four and a half years at WR depots, then almost seven years at Bescot. After withdrawal 25274 was quickly sent to Derby Works, but later became one of many to be dragged down to Swindon, being broken up there during April 1985.
Photograph courtesy Tony Sayer.

129 - 131 : June 1982
25150 LO, 25220 CD, 25312 CW
all were withdrawn on June 13th 1982

Withdrawals picked up a little during June, including accident damaged & dual braked 25312.

A fine view of 25150 on an engineers train at Beighton on July 21st 1974. The career of 25150 started on the LMR, then the ScR, a couple of years on the ER, back to the ScR and finally back to the LMR. 25150 ended its days with collision damage, sustained whilst on engineering work, initially reaching Derby Works by August 1982, then to Swindon early in February 1985, and broken up there four months later.
Photograph courtesy Danny Preston, collection Neil Johnson.
The end of the line for 25220, seen here at Derby Works on November 26th 1983. 25220 was a well travelled LMR machine, being allocated to a great variety of depots, it would also spend time on the ER & WR. Although seen here at Derby, it would eventually be towed down to Swindon early in February 1985 and be broken up the following month.
Photograph courtesy Phillip Moore.
25312 and a line of Class 76's at Guide Bridge on April 24th 1982. 25312 was always allocated to LMR depots, and spend a great deal of its time allocated to Willesden or Cricklewood. 25312 would end its days after sustaining collision damage at Northampton during May 1982. It was moved to Derby to provide parts for other Class 25's, its power unit was surrendered to 25308. It would linger for just over three years, firstly at Derby, then Swindon, before being broken up there during September 1985.
Photograph courtesy Tony Sayer.

Movements during June 1982 included:
25082, 08725 & 40062 Kingmoor - Swindon June 8th 1982
25088 Acton - Derby June 9th 1982 behind 31146
25121 Bletchley - Swindon June 21st 1982 (with 08403, 08457, 08629 & 08704?)

132 : July 1982
25318 SP

Another dual braked machine taken out of service was 25318.

7668 & 1575 lay over at Springs Branch on October 13th 1973. 25318 was allocated to only five LMR depots. Its last move to D08/Springs Branch kept it there for ten years prior to its withdrawal. It would linger for five more years, mostly dumped at Glasgow Works. After sale to Vic Berry it was towed to Thornton Jct with the intent to break it up there, but plans changed and it was moved down to Vic Berry's Leicester, before its demise there during June 1987.
Photograph courtesy David Rogers.

133 - 135 : August 1982
25056 KD withdrawn on August 1st 1982
25170 CD withdrawn on August 2nd 1982
25188 LO withdrawn on August 15th 1982

Three more vacuum braked machines went in August including 25170 which had already survived one withdrawal, its visit to Derby Works for repairs proved to be its downfall, after a brief reinstatement it was finally condemned for good.

A sunny day at Reddish as 25056 sits out the weekend, awaiting the call to duty on Monday. This locomotive was always allocated to LMR depots, but ended its days stopped at Tinsley with severe wheel flats. It was moved to Toton during March 1983 and then on to Swindon during July 1984, where the end came during March 1985.
A fine portrait of 25170, possibly at Bescot, date unknown. This locomotive spent twelve years allocated to LMR depots and almost six years allocated to the WR. 25170 had a rough time during the first half of 1982, being stored, then reinstated and called to Derby Works for generator repairs. Whilst at Derby 25170 was withdrawn and ended its days there during April 1983.
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson.
7538 on an overcast day, date & location not known, maybe Bescot? This was another locomotive to be only allocated to LMR depots. 25188 spent almost five years withdrawn, initially at Springs Branch before moving to Swindon in June 1984. Here it remained until March 1987 before being broken up.
Photograph courtesy E A Wood.

136 - 138 : September 1982
25151 LO withdrawn September 12th 1982
25141 LO withdrawn September 19th 1982
25104 LO withdrawn September 26th 1982

More steady withdrawals, this time all from Longsight depot and all vacuum braked.

25104 leads 25249 (?) and a lengthy train on the WCML (in the Wigan area?). This was another well travelled machine, spending time at LMR & ER depots, with its last seven years spent at Longsight. Eighteen months were spent stored at Crewe depot prior to movement to Swindon, being scrapped there during December 1986 after a total of over four years out of service.
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson.
25141 strikes a fine pose, somewhere, sometime! Most of the valencing is missing from the near cab, presumably this view depicts 25141 after withdrawal. Despite only being allocated to LMR depots it was transferred sixteen times during its career. 25141 would be another Class 25 to spend over four years out of service, spending time at Longsight & Springs Branch before being moved to Swindon and broken up there during January 1987.
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson.
25151 and another Class 25 await their next turn of duty at Peterborough, date unknown. 25151 ended its days after being struck by a wagon at Huddersfield on September 4th 1982. It was moved to Toton by October 1982 spending five years there before being sold to Vic Berry and broken up in situ at Coton Hill by January 1988.
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson.

139 - 142 : October 1982
25157, 25160 & 25294 CD, 25310 CW
all withdrawn October 10th 1982 except 25157 withdrawn October 30th 1982

The withdrawal of dual braked 25310 did not signal the end of its career, it would live on a while longer as the first of the ETHEL's. Another high total (at least 134) of reallocations took place, mostly between the ER & WR, whilst the vast majority of the Scottish Class 25's were transfered to the LMR.

25157 out to pasture at Kingmoor on September 15th 1983, it looks like the fuel tank is missing. Apart from four years spent on the WR, this locomotive was always allocated to LMR depots This was another Class 25 to spend over four years out of service, at Kingmoor & Swindon. This would be the last Class 25 broken up at Swindon - during March 1987.
Photograph courtesy Jerry Glover.
7510 sits at Springs Branch, date unknown. Although only allocated to LMR & WR depots this locomotive ended up at Polmadie when withdrawn. It would remain here for over four years, then moved to Thornton Jct for breaking up. This plan changed after the locomotive had reached Thornton Jct, it was then sent down to Vic Berry's Leicester, where the end came in July 1987.
Photographer unknown.
25294 has reached the end of the line, seen here at Reddish, date unknown. This is reported to be the last diesel locomotive to leave the closed Reddish Depot, albeit retired and on its way to Derby Works. After a year allocated from new to ER depots, 25294 moved to the LMR and remained allocated to LMR depots until withdrawn. After its final trip to Derby, it was then moved to Swindon in February 1985 and broken up there two months later.
Photographer unknown.
An undated view of 7660 and its parcels train, location unknown, but most likely at the southern end of the WCML. 25310 was always allocated to the LMR, it alternated between the depots of Willesden, Cricklewood & Toton. This locomotive would become the first of the three Ethel units (97250) and would survive until August 1994 when it was broken up at MC Metals, Glasgow.
Photograph collection of Ian Hammond.

143 - 150 : November 1982
25093 BS & 25139 TO withdrawn November 7th 1982
25143 TO withdrawn November 14th 1982
25177, 25179 & 25180 CW, 25186 TO, 25187 LO withdrawn November 28th 1982
(25126 CD, 25214 CD, 25248 & 25270 TO, 25304 CD - featured on next page)

November 1982 proved to be a disastrous month for the Class 25's - a total of twelve would be withdrawn, December would prove to be little better. This fallout was due to a major reshuffle of LMR locomotives, particularly involving the Class 25's & Class 40's, with a large transfer of locomotives from Springs Branch to Crewe - no doubt this big movement led to the increased rate of withdrawals.

25093 at Toton on September 18th 1982. Little time is left for what once was the most transferred locomotive on British Rail, at the time of withdrawal it had been transferred twenty eight times, with allocations to every BR region including three months on the SR during 1964. 25093 also spent time at both Inverness & Laira. It would end its days at Vic Berry's, Leicester after almost five years withdrawn, including spending time at Derby and Swindon.
Photograph courtesy Tony Sayer.
25139 with its train of spent ballast fills the camera lens at Abergele on May 11th 1980. At this time the locomotive was allocated to Toton, like many others it was only allocated to LMR depots. 25139 would be another locomotive to spend a lengthy time awaiting cutting up, almost four years spent at Toton and Swindon, with the end coming in October 1986.
Photograph courtesy Larry Goddard.
A weak sun catches 25143 at Newton Heath on February 21st 1981. Like 25139 above, this locomotive was always allocated to LMR depots, but its allocation history was definately more varied than that of 25139. 25143 spent eighteen months dumped at Crewe before being taken down to Swindon, spending six months here before being broken up during October 1984.
Photograph courtesy Tony Sayer.
Happier days for 25177 seen here ex-works on a southbound freight at Derby. 25177's allocation history was very simple: six and a half years in the Nottingham Division then down to London for eleven years shared between Willesden & Cricklewood. 25177 would become a spectacle at Stratford Open Day on July 9th 1983 where it was used in re-railing exercises before being moved to Swindon during June 1984 and broken up there during May 1986.
Class 25's at Aylesbury invariably meant parcels traffic, here 25179 waits on April 1st 1982 for its next duty. This was another locomotive allocated only to LMR depots, after about four years allocated to the Nottingham Division it moved south in August 1969 to spend the rest of its career at Willesden & Cricklewood. It would spend about four and a half years in a withdrawn state - initially stored at Springs Branch before makings its way down to Swindon, being broken up during February 1987.
Photograph courtesy Mark Cook.
25180 at Warrington Arpley on April 24th 1982. During its overhaul at Derby during 1978 the boiler room grills were sheeted over providing a cleaner look behind the No.2 cab. 25180 had a very similar allocation history to that of 25179 above. Increasing unreliability late in 1982 saw it withdrawn and dumped at Saltley & Tyseley, then on to Swindon, escaping scrapping here only to end its days at Vic Berry's Leicester during February 1988.
Photograph courtesy Danny Preston, collection Neil Johnson.
This looks like Swindon so it marks the end of the road for 25186, which like several others withdrawn during this period would spend a long time withdrawn, for 25186 it was just over four years, endings its days there during January 1987. 25186 spent all its nineteen years allocated to LMR depots, going through seventeen transfers during this period.
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson.
Well it would seem fitting to close this page on a high note, so here are a pair of Class 25's in their glory days, July 30th 1977 with 25187 & 25269 at Paignton, the working is not recorded, but some fine Devon sunshine, a pair of Class 25's and a rake of Mark 1 stock - sounds like an adventure to me!! 25187 has about five more years to run, followed by a lengthy time out to pasture before Swindon does its job during January 1987. But for now lets enjoy memories of a pair of 6LDA28's about to do battle with the Devon banks.
Photograph collection of Ian Hammond.

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