D5034, 5034, 24034
D5034, 5034, 24034

Photographer not known at this time.

D5034 was the fifth Class 24 built at Crewe Works, seen here in clean condition, changed only by the addition of the small yellow warning panel, with rounded upper corners. Typical of those machines allocated to the GE, the shed plate is mounted on the cab side.

The fifteen year eleven month career of D5034/24034 saw allocation to Eastern and London Midland depots.


The frames for D5034 were laid down during the early summer of 1959 at Crewe Works. D5034 was new to March (31B) on September 3rd 1959. Further transfers were:

February 1960 to Stratford (30A)
March 1961 to Willesden (1A) on loan, made permanent April 1961
January 1966 to Bletchley (1E)
April 1966 to London Division (D01)
March 1967 to Birmingham Division (D02)
August 1967 to Stoke Division (D05)
May 1973 to Crewe
August 3rd 1975 stored serviceable
January 31st 1976 - withdrawn.

Renumbered March 19th 1974.

24034 was stored at Crewe from August 1975 to January 1977. It was moved to Swindon Works on January 20th 1977 and scrapped there by the middle of May 1977.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

Noted Derby Works May - July 1961.
Noted Derby Works June 1967.
Noted Derby Works October 1972.
Noted Derby Works March 1974.
Noted Derby Works February 1975.

Withdrawn with water tank removed, circular gauge fitted to fuel tank.

1959 - D5034 was one of the first batch of Class 24's to be built at Crewe Works (D5030 - D5037) and one of the forty eight allocated to March (31B). D5034 would join the new Brush & NBL Type 2's in the dieselisation of East Anglia.

With burnished buffers and shining paintwork D5034 cannot be long off the Crewe production line, probably making this view sometime in the latter half of 1959, taken in the Crewe area. I don't suppose the maintenance people would allow such activities today. Photograph courtesy Rex Conway Collection.

D5034 at Stratford on a sunny day, providing a wealth of detail, including that of the bogies and fuel tanks. Judging by the shine of the paintwork and the relatively clean roof, the locomotive is not long out of Crewe Works.
Photographer unknown.

1960 - D5034 moved to Stratford during February

D5034 passes through Harlow station on a snowy January 14th 1960 with a mixed freight.
Photograph courtesy BR.

1961 - D5034 moved to Willesden during March, all the following transfers for D5034 would be to London Midland depots.

1961 - From May to July D5034 was at Derby Works under repair, accident repairs?

1965 - On July 3rd D5034 worked a Leicester - Eastbourne holiday extra running the empty coaching stock to Forest Row via Uckfield.

1967 - With the electrification at the southern end of the LMR progressing and with more arrivals from Derby Works of the latest Class 25's there began a gradual migration northwards of the older Type 2's, during March D5034 found a new home in the Birmingham Division (D02). For D5034 some time was spent in Derby Works during June. During August a further move north, along with a great many others saw D5034 reach the Stoke Division (D05).

D5034 trundles northwards through Crewe on August 15th 1969. Already carrying blue livery, the two sets of numbers and BR emblems on each side create something of an untidy appearance due to the un-symetrical placing of the air vents. The use of the 'D' prefix suggests it received its blue livery during its visit to Derby Works during 1967.
Photograph courtesy Tony Sayer.

Comparing the above view with that of the opening view of D5034 at Kings Cross reveals a numbers of changes over ten years of service. The engine exhaust port has been repositioned closer to the engine compartment, the boiler water tank is now of the shortened variety and the fuel tank has a large circular gauge fitted.

1970 - 5034 was one of three Class 24's stranded on Anglesey by the Menai bridge fire on May 24th. Along with 5083 she remained on the island to handle the local freight traffic and support the diesel multiple units on passenger services. A third Type 2, 5044 was shipped to the mainland through Barrow in June along with fourteen other locomotives and seventy two coaches. Whilst stranded the train heating boiler was re-activated as occasionally the Type 2's were used to assist the diesel multiple units on passenger workings.

1974 - 24034 was renumbered during the middle of March.

1975 - On January 11th 24034 & 24035 were noted heading north through Huddersfield with an aggregates train. 24034 visited Derby Works during February.

September 25th 1975 finds 24034 sidelined at Crewe, one of a great number stored there prior to their removal to Swindon for breaking. This side view clearly reveals that the boiler water tank has been removed, probably at her last shopping at Derby. Photograph courtesy Tony Sayer.

1977 - 24034 remained at Crewe until making the obligatory trip to Swindon on January 10/11th as the 06:45 Crewe - Swindon behind 25269 and with 24025/29/33 attached, where the end finally came for 24034 in May 1977. However one of the cabs from 24034 remained extant at Derby Works at least until November 1986.

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