D5054, 25054, ADB968008
D5054, 5054, 24054, ADB968008

Photographer not known at this time
In a period view at Peterborough East D5054 awaits departure with an eastbound service. This locomotive was new to Ipswich (31B) during the middle of December 1959, being one of a number of machines used to dieselise East Anglia, one of the first areas in the country to have all its train services in the hands of dmus or diesels. Presumably fom the condition of the locomotive it is not long out of Crewe Works. The machines coming out of Crewe had minor styling differences on such items as the sandboxes and fuel tanks. During January 1961 D5054 was transferred to Finsbury Park (34G), being featured frequently on the surburban services out of Kings Cross.

Built Crewe Works (from batch 5030 - 5065).
Shortened fuel tank, full size water tank.

The sixteen year seven month revenue earning career of 5054/24054 saw allocations to Eastern Region, Scottish Region & London Midland Region depots.


The frames for D5054 were laid down at Crewe Works during the late summer of 1959, D5054 was new to March (31B) on December 18th 1959. Further transfers were:

January 1961 to Finsbury Park (34G).
October 1966 to Eastfield (65A) on loan, made permanent December 1966.
March 1968 to Carlisle Kingmoor (12A) on loan, made permanent April 1968.
April 1968 to Longsight (9A).
June 1968 to Manchester Division (D09).
September 1968 to Stoke Division (D05).
May 1973 to Crewe.
May 2nd 1976 - to serviceable store.
July 17th 1976 - withdrawn.

Renumbered February 16th 1974.

After withdrawal 24054 was stored at Crewe Basford Hall until August 1976 when it was reacvtivated into Departmental stock and renumbered ADB968008, departing for Exeter on August 31st 1976.

The allocation histories of 24054, 24055 & 24056 are virtually identical, although 24054 last an extra year in ordinairy service.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

Noted Derby Works October & November 1965.
Noted Derby Works February 1971.
Noted Derby Works June & August 1974.
Noted Derby Works yard June - August 1975.


Super power took hold of June 22ndís 8.30pm Dagenham Dock - Cambridge freight with D5054 & D5064 rescuing an ailing D5509.

On November 1st 70035 failed at Ipswich on the down Harwich - Liverpool Central working, D5054 substituted as far as Sheffield, returning somewhat late with the up working!

On December 7th D5054 was derailed on the fast lines at Millbrook (Bedford) causing delays to numerous passenger expresses.

Photograph courtesy the Rex Conway collection
Another fine period view of sisters D5053 & D5054 on shed at Hornsey. The locomotives are not long out of Crewe Works, but enough time has passed for D5054 to have lost its curved roof panel that covered the boiler water filler. The locomotive sports the smaller fuel tank. They are also fitted with trip-cock equipment.

During October D5054 moved to Eastfield (65A), remaining here until March 1968 when the locomotive headed south to Carlisle (12A).

June 7th saw the end of regular steam hauled passenger service into Scotland with the 20.32 Carlisle - Perth succumbing to diesel power, Type 2ís being the norm, recent examples being ScR based D5054 & D5128.

During April the locomotive was transferred to Longsight (9A), then the Manchester Division (D09) in June 1968, then in September the Stoke Division (D05) became its home, the last move for this machine. Like many of the Crewe machines 5054 would be well travelled, along the North Wales coast to Holyhead, over the Cambrian lines to Aberystwyth & Pwllheli, as well as much work in the Stoke and Birmingham areas.

On December 8th the eleven coach Wirral Railway Circle 'Cambrian Coast Express' was worked roundtrip Crewe - Pwllheli by 5054 & 5076.

The summer of 1975 found 24054 in Derby Works, no doubt for the last major attention it would receive.


Photograph courtesy R Riley
24054 sometime after its last visit to Derby Works during 1975.

On May 1st 24054 & 24133 handled the Crewe Ė Llandudno leg of an excursion from Euston. The next day 24054 was placed in store at Crewe.

Photograph courtesy Tony Sayer
24054 awaits in the deadline at Crewe Basford Hall, July 26th 1976. In its final condition 24054 carries blue/yellow livery, the gangway doors have been sheeted over, the bodyside valencing has been removed, blanking plates are fitted, the hand/footholds are plated over. The full size water tank has been replaced with a shortened version and both fuel & water tanks have circular gauges. Two-rung bogie footsteps are fitted.

24054 was withdrawn on July 17th 1976.

At the end of August 24054 & 24142 were pulled from the deadlines at Basford Hall and sent to the WR for further use as carriage heating units. On August 31st they arrived at Exeter as part of a milk train, their eventual destination being Laira.

As a train heating unit changes included having the boiler exhaust plated over, eth connections fitted and external controls added to the valencing on the driver's side of the cab.

On May 9th a reshuffle of the WR carriage heating units took place, with unit ADB968008 (24054) moved from Penzance to Plymouth, whilst ADB968009 (24142) moved from Plymouth to Worcester.

Carriage heating unit ADB968008 (24054) was noted at Newton Abbott on March 5th.

Photograph courtesy Adrian Healey
ADB968008 at rest at Newton Abbott

The completion of the Crown Point (Norwich) carriage depot led to a significant shake up of the various train heating units with a number of the former Class 31 & BTH units condemned. ADB968008 (ex 24054) journeyed from Newton Abbot to Stratford, beimng noted there from (at least) mid-March 1982 to October 1982. It appears a repaint of the body, cab fronts and roof was undertaken at Stratford, the roof was painted black and the cab handrails were yellow. It also received its number (ADB968008) in large letters. It arrived at during December to act as a spare whilst withdrawn ADB968009 (ex 24142) was moved to Stratford for spares removal prior to being sold for scrap.

The move of ADB968008 (24054) and the two former Class 31 train heating units to Cambridge proved to be short-lived due to the excessive noise created especially with the close proximity of a residential neighbourhood. By mid December all three machines had moved to March.

ADB968008 (24054) finally reached preservation at the East Lancashire Railway, Bury on October 13th, having spent the first half of the month in transit from March.

Photograph courtesy Mark Bennett
Better times at the ELR for 24054, the third Class 24 to be preserved.

Photograph courtesy Phillip Moore
Stranger times at the ELR, what a Class 24 might have looked like had they survived two decades longer! March 2002.

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