D5077/78/79, 5077/78/79, 24077/78/79
D5077/78/79, 5077/78/79, 24077/78/79

Photographer not known at this time.

The view here of D5079, believed to be Camden, shows the locomotive in pretty much the condition it was delivered in, though somewhat grimier. Clearly visible is the original location of the exhaust port, very close to the boiler exhaust. The roof mounted water filler cover is still in place and the locomotive carries the smaller capacity fuel tank.

D5077 - D5079 were three of a batch of eighteen machines (D5076 - D5092) built at Crewe, with delivery at least on paper to March (31B), if they actually reached here in February, their stay was brief for they were quickly transferred to Willesden (1A) during March. D5077 was used for crew training between Rugby and Crewe in the second week of March. D5079 moved to Rugby (2A) in September. With the end of the summer season the Rugby - Norwich working reverted to a Type 2, usually D5079, during the summer this was a Rugby Stanier Class 5 duty, required for the 10-12 bogies, the winter service only carried five.

A further move north for D5079 was to Longsight (9A) in October, and then onto Carlisle Upperby(12B) in November. This is believed to be the first BR/Sulzer Type 2 allocated here. Whilst at Carlisle it became a regular performer from October 19th on the 8.05am to Hellifield and its 11.17am return, a duty it performed to the end of the year with few absences. The down working also involved the collection of loaded milk tankers from various locations, adding considerably to the weight of this working.

D5078 was at Derby Works from September to November.

During January D5079 was also noted on trips to Carstairs, on the Carlisle - Carstairs leg of the 1.05pm Euston - Perth. By the end of March it had been replaced on the Hellifield run by Class 5's, Clans or Jubilees. During June D5079 headed south, its home for the next five years became Willesden (1A).

D5077 was at Derby Works during January & February whilst D5079 was present during September & October.

Derby Works was host to D5078 during July and from December 1963 to February 1964.

In January & February Derby Works was host to D5077/78/79! Two of the three returned for further attention at Derby, D5077 in May, August & November and D5079 in May.

On October 13th a hanging obstruction in Linslade Tunnel caused minor damage to two trains, with D307 working the 17.05 ex Euston being replaced at Bletchley by D5077.

D5077 was present at Derby Works during November.

With electrification virtually complete at the London end of the WCML and Willesden receiving the latest Class 25's from Derby Works the mass exodus began to the Stoke Division (D05), with D5077/78/79 heading north in December, as part of the first batch (D5073 - D5081) to reach here.

Year end also brought the curtain down on steam haulage for the 07.40 Llandudno-Manchester and 16.30 return ‘Club’ services, Cl.5 44766 handling both trips. On 27th D5077 had done poorly on this working, losing about 30 minutes. From the New Year Newton Heath allocated BRCW diesel multiple units took over.

As the New Year opened Shrewsbury commenced diagramming Class 24's for the Cambrian freight working, which would have included the three featured locomotives, they would work these services for the next seven years.

D5077 was present at Derby Works during June & July

Visitors to Derby Works included D5078 from February to April and D5077 during May. Whilst at Derby D5078 acquired blue livery with BR arrows on each cab side and numbers on the bodysides.

5078 & 5079 were both noted at Derby Works during February.

Photograph courtesy Rex Conway collection
Green liveried D5077 and 5055 wait departure from Barmouth with a return excursion on an unknown date. It seems that photographs of the LMR Class 24's carrying the three piece miniature snowploughs are quite rare, particularly at Barmouth where there have been several recorded incidents of these miniature snowploughs damaging the check rails on Barmouth bridge.

Deep in the south of England 5077 was noted early in the morning of June 26th at Eastleigh on empty tank cars bound for Fawley.

5079 was under repair at Derby Works during January.

A pair of Class 24's led by 24079 feature on a programme for a Class 24 railtour run by the Wirral Railway Circle. The tour on June 5th 1977 ran from Crewe to Barmouth and the locomotives used on this day featured 24082 & 24133.

5079 visited Derby Works at least twice, in March and October whilst 5077 was at Derby during March & April for collision repairs.

On June 12th the first Pathfinder Railtour railtour took passengers from Gloucester to Pwllheli on 'The Snowdonian' with 5079 & 5087 in use west of Wolverhampton.

With the discontinuance of the LMR Divisional allocations, 5077/78/79 were now allocated to Crewe.

5078 was at Derby Works during February and 5079 was present during May. Renumbering took place for both these locomotives whilst at Works, 5077 was renumbered during April.

Barmouth Bridge was visited by 24056 and the viaduct inspection unit on March 16th, the same day saw 24078 at Llanaber with a train of large boulders and steam crane reinforcing the seaward side of the track.

1976 - 1978
The three locomotives missed the massive withdrawals of the summer of 1975, all seeing service into early 1976.

24079 & 24133 work April 3rd 1976's Shrewsbury - Red Bank parcels train, seen somewhere near Shrewsbury.
Photograph courtesy Danny Preston, collection of Neil Johnson.
24077 was stored in February, 24078 in March and 24079 in May. 24078 was withdrawn late in April whilst 24077 & 24079 were withdrawn in July and all were stored at Crewe Basford Hall.

All three moved from Crewe to Swindon towards the end of May 1977, in two convoys, firstly 24052/77/78/84 as the Crewe Oxford - Swindon during May 19th-31st and secondly 24079/85, 24134/41 as the Crewe-Swindon on May 31st.

Most of the retired machines were withdrawn surplus to requirements, but a number suffered collision damage in their final days which sealed their fate immediately. Here accident damnaged 24078 waits at Swindon on June 12th 1977 for the final call to the cutting line.

24077 & 24078 were broken up during June 1978, 24079 no later than September 1978.

For the photographs below click on the small image to get a full size picture

Three views from Swindon Works featuring 24077 & 24078, seen here is 24077 on June 12th 1977. It still retains its gangway doors and carries the smaller sized fuel and water tanks.
Nine months later on April 30th 1978 little has changed, though now it is raining hard, which refreshens the paintwork, giving the suggestion that 24077 could almost be waiting for its next turn of work.
Seventeen years after 24077 & 24078 left Crewe Works, they are still together, this time at Swindon Works awaiting cutting. On a gloriously damp April 30th 1978 a group tour, led by a Swindon Works guide complete with hat (extreme right) passes by 24078. This locomotive also has the smaller fuel and water tanks fitted, but these have had the circular gauges added at some point.
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