MV Fukko Maru
Fukko Maru
1924 - 1944

Commissioned October 1924. Owner Suzuki & Co Ltd, Kobe, Japan; cargo ship.

Period reports indicate the Fukko Maru worked routes between Japan, North America, Australia, India and Japan.

July 11th 1927 arrived Sydney from Pacific Coast ports. This was the first visit of a Japanese motor vessel to an Australian port.

September 29th 1927 departed Sydney for Gray's Harbour.

March 8th 1930 departed Portland, Oregon for Sydney.

April 12th 1930 arrived Sydney from Pacfic Coast ports, part of the cargo included 2,500,000 feet of timber, departed April 17th for Wallaroo under Captain Watanabe. At Wallaroo 5,200 tons of wheat were loaded for Japan.

August 24th 1930 arrived Albany from Yokohama to load wheat.

August 31st 1930 arrived Perth from Albany to load wheat, expected departure September 5th to Bombay. Shortly after departure two British stowaways were discovered on the ship. Having only covered about 100 miles, the Fukko Maru headed back towards Fremantle, being met by a launch near Rottnest Island to transfer the stowaways. The Fukko Maru immediately headed out to sea.

October 27th 1930 arrived Perth from Bombay to load 5,500 tons of wheat, expected departure November 4th.

December 25th 1931 arrived Sydney from Japan.

January 1st 1932 sailed from Sydney for Tsusumi and other Japanese ports.

February 4th 1933 departed Adelaide for Callao, arrived March 21st.

December 29th 1933 arrived Sydney from Vancouver via ports under Captain Kawato.

January 5th 1934 sailed from Sydney for Callao and Port Pirie.

World War Two

A Japanese convoy comprised of troop & cargo ships headed for Yap & Palau was attacked on May 17th 1944 by US submarines Sand Lance (SS-381) and Tunny (SS-282). The cargo ship Nichiwa Maru was sunk by torpedoes from the Tunny at a point west of the Marianas (14.49N, 142.39E). The Fukko Maru stopped to pick up survivors and was hit by torpedoes from the Sand Lance, sinking later the next day.

Built: Kobe Steel Works, Kobe
Launched: ??
Tons: 6,100dwt; ?? gross tons, ?? net tons
Length: 350ft
Breadth: 50ft
Draught: 27ft
Propulsion : 2 x 4S47 Sulzer, Winterthur built diesel engines, each producing 1,600bhp at 150rpm.
Auxiliary engines: 3 x 2KS31 producing 270 bhp at 300rpm.
Screws: 2
Speed: 10 knots
Crew: ??

The Motor Ship May 1925
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Sulzer List of Motorships approx 1933

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