victoria sulzer powered ships
1931 - 1942

The Victoria in peacetime.
The motor ship Victoria was ordered by the Lloyd Triestino Company from Cantieri Riuniti dell Adriatico, San Marco. Launching took place on December 6th 1930, with delivery taking place on June 21st 1931.

When launched the ship was described as the fastest motor ship built to date, 23.5 knots was achieved on her trials, whilst 20.5 knots was her service speed. Her accomodation was described as spacious and luxurious and was equipped with air-conditioning. The dining salon was unusually located on the top deck

Initially the Victoria was used on the Trieste - Venice - Brindisi - Alexandria, Egypt service. During 1932 the ship transfered to the service through the Suez Canal to Bombay. From October 1936 the Bombay run was extended to Columbo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The arrival of World War II brought all this to an end with the Victoria being pressed into service as a troop transport between Italy and North Africa. The Victoria's last voyage commenced on January 22nd 1942 with another fast trip from Taranto to Tripoli (Tarabulus), Libya with 441 tons of cargo and troops comprising 132 officers & 588 soldiers of the 12th Bersaglieri Regiment and 405 German soldiers. The next day the convoy came under air attack from British torpedo bombers. The presence of an escort of twelve Junkers Ju 88s were not able to prevent a successful attack against the Victoria, a torpedo struck at 6:45pm and the ship started to take on water. By 3.00am the next morning (January 24th) the ship disappeared under the waves at position 33.30N, 17.40E in the Gulf of Sirte about 150 miles north-east of Misurata, but the time had allowed the rescuing of just over one thousand of the troops and crew.

General Details

Builder: Cantieri Riuniti dell'Adriatico.
Launched: 1931
Length: 533ft
Beam: 67ft 3in
Draught 42ft
Weight: 13,500 tons gross
Engines: Four 4,250hp two cycle CRA Sulzer 8ST68 engines totalling 17,000hp.
Auxiliary engines: Four x 6SS38 totalling 3,000hp at 170rpm
Screws: 4
Service Speed: 20.5 knots
Port of Registry: ??
Crew: ??
Passengers: 1st 239, 2nd 145 & 3rd 100


Sulzer Technical Review Special Number 1933

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